Thursday, 12 September 2013

Easy Weeknight Dinner-Green Curry Soup

There are just some days when I'm not in the mood to make a big production out of dinner. I want to make a meal that is quick, healthy and with ingredients I can easily find in my pantry.  

This green curry soup meets all my requirements. It provides the flavors of a more traditional Thai curry without being heavy and calorie laden  (because it is broth based) and it can be put together in about 20 minutes.  

This dish is also fun because you can mix and match your protein and veggies to whatever is available in your kitchen!

I started out with a yellow and green squash and a green bell pepper.  For my protein I cubed a block of tofu and patted some of the water out to help the tofu absorb more of the yummy broth.

The main flavoring agent was this Thai green curry paste which is super flavorful and not too spicy!

Patiently waiting for the veggies to cook

Green Curry Soup (serves 4)

1 Tbsp cooking oil
2 Tbsp green curry paste
1 cup low-fat coconut milk
4 cups low sodium broth (chicken/vegetable)
1 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce or fish sauce
5 cups diced veggies of your choice
3 cups protein of your choice (I used tofu)

In a larger saucepan heat oil over medium heat.  Once ready, add the curry paste and stir quickly for a few seconds.  Add 2 Tbsp of coconut milk to pot and stir to combine.

Once combined, pour in rest of coconut milk and broth. This is when you can add in the fish or soy sauce as well.  Once brought up to a boil, add your veggies and keep broth at a simmer.  Depending on your veggies this can be under a minute to around 5 minutes.

If you are using a protein such as tofu or shrimp, add just a minute or so before taking off the heat. Chicken/beef would take a bit longer so that needs to be accounted for.

After the veggies and the protein are cooked, the soup is complete! If you want to make this a bit more hearty you can add some rice noodles or any pasta on hand depending how hungry you are.

It's as simply as that. Enjoy!

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